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People Behind the music

Conrad Buck

By: Stingray June 3, 2022

Conrad is the Senior Director of Content Acquisition at Stingray. He takes great pleasure in bringing the company’s viewers and subscribers the best of what the industry has to offer. He spends his days restlessly leading long negotiations, which culminate in exciting deals. He oversees the process of sourcing new music documentaries and live concerts, movies from studios, relaxing slow-TV content for Stingray’s Naturescape service, and audio content – yes, that includes Karaoke!

People Behind the music

Hervé Desrosiers

By: Stingray January 27, 2022

What is your role at Stingray? I mostly work on UX. I’m a User Experience (UX) director with a background in graphic design. I work mostly with user interface (UI) artists and coders. Over the years I’ve learnt to work with them, and not feel like that guy who goes to the mechanic and doesn’t […]

People Behind the music

Karen van der Stal

By: Stingray December 16, 2021

Stingray’s Festival 4K channel in Europe looks and sounds as spectacular as it does thanks to Karen van der Stal. She takes great care in choosing exciting performances from festivals, orchestral concerts, DJ shows and circus acts. Moreover, she programs Channels and Vibes for the Stingray Music App. (These are two different kinds of playlists: […]

People Behind the music

Alexandre Buche

By: Stingray December 8, 2021

Could you begin by telling me about how you ended up at Stingray? I studied software engineering at Sherbrooke University. And there, you get to do five internships, one of which was back-to-back, so I got to try four different companies. At the start I knew nothing, and then during my fifth internship at Stingray […]

My Intern Life

Summer 2021

By: Stingray August 19, 2021

This summer, Stingray Music welcomed over 20 interns to its downtown Montreal office for a memorable few months. Stingray offers its interns a friendly work environment where aspiring professionals can thrive and grow into the next generation of employees. Interning provides the opportunity to make new friends and connections while learning professional skills. I asked […]

People Behind the music

Soul & Funk | Customized Background Music | Expert’s Choice

By: Stingray August 5, 2019

At Stingray Business, we improve your brand experience with our range of industry-leading customized music solutions. Whether you prefer country, classic hits, funk, lounge music, soul, or anything in between, we offer an extensive range of channels personalized to your business’ brand image. In this edition of Expert’s Choice, we sat down with our new […]

People Behind the music

Customized Background Music Influences Your Restaurant’s Customers

By: Stingray July 22, 2019

70% of Canadians say that hearing music makes them stay longer in restaurants. Consequently, testing which music compliments the dining experience best is important for restaurant success. According to the vice president of licensing of SOCAN, finding and selecting music that reflects your brand should be part of the restaurant’s overall marketing strategy. Ways music […]